8- (5) Google Tools For Translators

5 Google Tools For Translators

How can Google help freelancers organize their workplace? In this post I am listing 5 Google tools that may be useful for any freelancer:
1. Google Docs is a great tool that can easily replace your Microsoft Office software. Once subscribed, you can start creating an unlimited number of Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Forms from your Google Docs account. You can also upload any kind of text files you can work on then. There is no need to send files via e-mail anymore because you can easily share them with your outsourcer via an easy-to-navigate Google Docs toolbar. Not to mention that you can work on your documents from any computer with a stable Internet connection because files are stored on secure Google servers and not on your computer.
2. Google translator toolkit is a free-to-use translation editor that may be very helpful for freelance translators. It has all the functionalities of a commercial CAT tool with all of the translation memories and glossaries features. Once the text is uploaded, you can choose whether you want to pre-fill the translation box with a translated text or with an original text. Computer translation and online dictionary are available in the toolkit too.
3. Google sites tool enables you to create an unlimited number of professionally looking websites with as many inner pages as you want. You can place your resume there or anything else you want and attach any kind of files that can be downloaded by all visitors. Visitors can also comment your articles and subscribe to site or page changes to keep up-to-date with your website. Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor makes page creation and editing very simple and it does not require any coding skills.
4. Gmail is a known e-mail server by Google. I have tried dozens of free e-mail service providers but Gmail is something I have been looking for for years. I have easily linked all my e-mail accounts from other providers to my Gmail account to gather all my mail in one place. I have also installed GTalk to know immediately when a new mail is received. Chat online, search your mail, create tasks and events, filter messages and this is not even a half of what you can do at your Gmail account. However, it may be very slow if you use a dial-up connection.
5. Google Calendar is an online calendar where you can create events, add tasks and quick notes, print it all, send and accept invitations, and much more. You can also set up the calendar look, work offline and online, and try any of the labs features such as Google Docs attaching, world clocks, etc.