5- Payments by paypal and Payoneer

5- Payments by paypal & Payoneer

Now you are a translator and not just an ordinary translator you are a professional one (you have to trust & believe in  yourself) So, how will you get paid if you got a job today have you considered a method for getting paid for your job, it's so simple, most of us know PayPal bank but for those who doesn't know, how to have an account on PayPal or for those who PayPal doesn't support their countries:

1- First you need a credit card or a master card charged with at least 10$.
and you can have an internet card from any bank, and it just takes 15 minutes to have one from any bank (you can have it from any bank but be sure that it can be used for any site 

2- And after it's activated it takes less than 12 hours for the maximum, now If your country is not supported by PayPal then we have to use a third party or let's say a company that will help us to receive our money from PayPal as all the problem on how to receive money from PayPal,  the  problem is If you are from a country not listed in PayPal list, so I have a good company that will not take from you any costs in advance, and it will send you a free master card to your home address, that you can receive any money from PayPal easily from the nearest ATM for you and if you signed up from my referral link you will have 25$ for free when your account reach 100$ the 25$ will be added automatically and i will get the same, but if you signed up directly you will not get your 25$ and me either...
You can sign up by pressing on the photo link or from Here
3- Signing up.....

Step One:

1- First Name: "Write Your Real Name and make it the exact name you will put in your PayPal account".
2- Put Your Last Name
3- Your Date of Birth
4- Your Email
5- Confirm Your Email
6- Choose Your Country 
7- Home Address: " Take care when writing your home address and make it in detail".
8- Your City
9- Your Postal Code: "If you don't know it you can go to the nearest post office to your home and ask and if you are from Egypt You can find it at http://www.codemasr.com/ ".
10- Your Phone Number
11- There is a check box you can check it if your ID address is differ from the address you want the card to be delivered.

Step Two:

12- Put a password
13- Confirm the password
14- Choose a security question
15- put your answer.

Step Three: 

16- Choose Your ID Type
17- Your Name
18- Your ID Number: "Put your Real Number as you will be asked to upload a scanned copy of your ID".
19- Choose the ID Country.
then Press Finish

Note that your ID numbers should be the real numbers or your ID and now you have to wait from 2-3 days for reviewing your application then they will email you to upload your ID scanned copy and they will ask you why you want this account for (PayPal account) you will tell them i am a translator and i have customers want to send me money via PayPal and link your translators cafe account to prove to prove that you are a translator...
Then they will send you email state the date of the card delivery at your address...  
it will be a month or more than 40 days but if you need to receive it quickly to start receiving money from PayPal you can charge your payoneer account with 65$ and ask the support team to deliver it by DHL it will take just 3 days .....
4- After you receive your Payoneer card you will be able to activate it from your Payoneer account then you can open a PayPal account so don't open an account before that but if you have a PayPal account loaded with money then it's OK now you can verify it.....
For signing up in PayPal site....
1- Choose Netherlands as your country.
Then Choose PayPal For Consumers and Press Get Started.... 

then fill in the form and you will be asked to verify your debit card with PayPal and don't verify it while it's not loaded with money, with at least 5 Dollars because PayPal will withdraw from you one dollar divided into two amounts and it will ask you what is the amounts they withdraw from your debit card ..... simply after they withdraw the two amounts you can log in to your Payoneer account and know the two amounts and get back to PayPal and write how much the two amounts was ..... by doing so your PayPal account will be verified and you can receive money from it to Payoneer account ....